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Canon Pixma TS3322 Driver Download– Welcome to simple clicks with the PIXMA TS3322 All-in-one printer. With an easy 2-pattern FINE hybrid ink system, improve setup using wireless Connect, and a rear paper tray that restarts Plain, the PIXMA TS3322 has the ability to print from your smartphone or tablet using AirPrint®, MopriaF® printing service, and the Canon PRINT app or from laptops and computers with built-in Wi-Fi®

Print over Wi-Fi® from almost anywhere where you use your mobile device. For more print control, use the Canon PRINT app, or print without any additional apps with Apple AirPrint® on iPhone® or Mopria® device printing on Android™ smartphones.

Canon PIXMA printers are the most popular series produced by Canon. Most products are defined by low cost, small design, and various functions. They are also usually integrated with inkjet technology to provide high-quality printing. The Canon PIXMA TS3322 is a unique printer for home devices among the extensive list of this series.

Canon Pixma TS3322 Design

The control panel for the Pixma TS3322 is located at the top of the device body, to the left of the scanning bed. There are several physical buttons on the device: Two of them establish a wireless connection to the network or smartphone. Two additional buttons display the settings menu or status information on the small LCD screen. Because the 1.5-inch monochrome display lacks light, it may not be easy to read in dimly lit environments. Apart from the simple Copy feature, you’ll want to use the TS3322 with a PC rather than alone.

Paper is loaded in the rear of the unit’s 60-sheet paper tray. Up to 20 sheets of 4 by 6-inch photo paper or ten sheets of 5 by 7-inch photo paper can be stored in the tray. The printer does not support matte photo paper, but it does work with the more exotic, re-attachable magnetic variant.

The output tray slides out from behind the large groove in the printer body from the front. You reach this bay and fold the cover to open the ink cartridge bay to replace the ink cartridges.

For an all-in-one inkjet, the TS3322 is neither small nor large. It is 17.2 inches wide by 12.5 inches deep, and 5.8 inches high with the paper tray retracted. The TS3322 is 21.8 inches deep and 8.4 inches high when the tray is extended. Due to the lack of a duplexer and automatic document feeder, it is relatively light, weighing only eight and a half pounds.

This model is available in three colors: black, white, and red.

Print quality

The text is not very sharp but sufficient. Font shapes in text documents have soft edges and stray ink spray around them when examined closely. In comparison, the fonts in our test PDF document appear sharper.

Graphics printed on plain paper have clear features and smooth mid-tone transitions, making them attractive. However, the ribbon is visible on all of our graphic prints.

We had to judge the photo quality on 5-by-7-inch and 4-by-6-inch glossy prints because the TS3322 won’t print on letter-sized glossy paper. With sharp details and natural-looking color saturation, this print is quite attractive. Even though the equipment doesn’t support matte paper, the prints I produced on matte paper using the plain paper setting looked great.

Copy quality is synonymous with print quality: the text is a little grainy at the edges, and images are quite attractive — but the slight streaking in certain prints is distracting. Compared to an image with a flat view, a photo or artwork with depth shows more band. In both colors and black and white, the same thing happens.

Scanning JPEG photos and PDF documents look pretty close to the original — crystal clear overall. Although some fine details in the dark areas are lost, color photos are regenerated with appropriate lighting and well-saturated tones. In the dark spots, the black-and-white reproduction of the artwork loses some of the features of the original.

Print Speed

Our five-page text document was printed in 43.7 seconds by the TS3322. The category average is 33.5 seconds, or nine ppm, much slower. On our six-page PDF containing mixed text and color graphics, the device is terrible at printing in color, rotating in one of the slowest times to date: The document took 4 minutes to print on the TS3322. Comparable models print the same PDF in half the time, an average of 2 minutes 7 seconds, or 2.8 ppm.

The TS3322 did not pass our photo printing speed test, which requires printing a full page of photos on letter-size photo paper. As a result, I printed a four by 6-inch photo print for comparison.

In 2 minutes and 1 second, the TS3322 prints a glossy 4-by-6-inch print. Most of the models we tested were faster in comparison, but many were slower. The faster versions are the Canon Pixma MG3620, which scored a 4-by-6 in 43 seconds, and the HP Tango X, which took 1 minute 15 seconds. However, slower printers have been seen, such as the now-discontinued Epson XP-420, which took more than 3 minutes to complete the same task.

Copy and Scan Speed

Color copying takes a long time. The TS3322 is the second-slowest inkjet printer in its category in terms of color copying. That’s well behind the 27.8-second average, coming in at 47 seconds. Only HP Tango X, at 1 minute 11 seconds, is slower. Editor’s Choice In our tests, the Canon Pixma TS9120 printed a color copy in just 17.3 seconds, three times faster than the TS3322.

Black-and-white copy fits more into the category average of 15.8 seconds, though it’s still a little slow at 19.2 seconds.

At an average speed, the TS3322 scans 600 dpi color images to the JPEG format. It took 1 minute and 1.7 seconds, which is faster than the average of 1 minute and 7.7 seconds. On the other hand, the Canon TS9120 Editor’s Choice completed the same scan in just 37.8 seconds.

The printer scans documents in black and white format to PDF at 300 dpi. It took just 7.5 seconds to complete the scan, compared to an average of 11 seconds; The TS9120 took 7.7 seconds.

Ink Cost

Two ink cartridges are used in the TS3322: a black pigment cartridge and a dye-based tri-color cartridge. There are three tiers of ink cartridges available, although the lowest has a relatively high cost per page. Text costs 16 cents per page, and graphics cost 37 cents per page when using the PG-243 Black and CL-244 color cartridges.

The cost of a text page goes up to 10 cents when you upgrade to the PG-245 black cartridge, which is still more than the 7.2 cent average for the standard cartridge. The CL-246 color cartridge costs 22.8 cents per color page, compared to an average of 19.8 cents for the standard cartridge.

The TS3322 costs 8.7 cents per page for text and 18.7 cents for color print when using the high-yield XL cartridge. Competing versions use high-yield cartridges averaging 5.6 cents and 14.4 cents, respectively. If you print a lot, the cost of that ink may increase rapidly.

A 4-by-6-inch photo costs 67.5 cents to print using a basic cartridge. A 4-by-6 costs 43 cents worth of ink when using the CL-246 and PG-245 color cartridges. For 34.3 cents, the XL cartridge prints a 4-by-6.

In principle, the combo plan might cut slightly lower the page cost. Individually, the PG-243 and CL-244 cost $36.98, while a pack of two costs $26.99. However, the high cost of this 100-page-per-page cartridge makes it difficult to recommend.

Unfortunately, buying two packs of higher capacity cartridges will not save you money on printing. When purchased with 50 sheets of 4-by-6-inch drawing paper, the black PG-245 (180 pages) and CL-246 XL (300 pages) cartridges cost $54.99 each. However, buying them individually costs only $47.98. It’s not clear from Canon’s online store whether the set contains regular photo paper or Photo Paper Plus Glossy II. However, it’s not a very good deal—$ 10.99 for 100 packs of 4 by 6 inch Plus Glossy II Photo Paper. The standard pack of drawing paper costs $5.99. The numbers don’t increase.

Setup and Software

Install the ink cartridges after removing a handful of tape and box materials. When I set up a USB connection with a Windows 10 laptop, I suggest you open ij. Start. Canon and download the software.

However, when I first tried to print, I received an error warning because one of the cartridges was not fully installed. The ink cartridge compartment is hidden behind a folding door deep in the body. It’s a little difficult to get inside and install the cartridge: you must insert it and tilt it up a bit.

The TS3322 cannot print a full-page photo on letter-size glossy paper, as specified in the print speed section. Attempting to print to letter-size graphics paper conflicts with other print options — which were not described — and the print driver changes the paper size setting to 4-by-6. Other settings, such as Shrink to Fit, Borderless, and Glossy Paper types, did not fix the problem.

We received a second test model from the company, but the same test failed. When I try to print a 4-by-6-inch photo onto letter-size glossy paper, I get an error message stating that the media type and paper size are not selected correctly.

For photo printing enthusiasts, it is worth mentioning that the TS3322 does not allow printing on matte paper.

I used my iPhone 7 to set up the device by scanning the QR code in the printed manual, which directed me to the iOS app download. The scan sent me to the Safari website, where I started the setup procedure. The Canon app, however, shows the printer cannot be detected. Holding down the printer’s mobile connection button is also ineffective.

Unexpectedly, the TS3322 appears in the list of printers on my WiFi network on iOS. However, every time I type the network password, the connection drops. I had to look for “E36” on the printer’s LCD because the description just said the wireless connection failed. The second test unit also doesn’t show up in the Canon app. And, even though the printer is showing on iOS, I can’t print it from my iPhone 7.

Although we didn’t test it, the TS3322 supports Mopria on Android devices. According to the specs, the device also works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

The printer takes a long time to start up, lasting about 12.8 seconds until the printhead priming sound stops and the power indicator stops flashing. It took a little longer than usual to get the black-and-white copyright right away, which is not uncommon. The initial duplicate took about 25.5 seconds to create instead of the usual 19.2 seconds.

Bottom Line

The TS3322 keeps it simple, skipping some features for photo printing and busy home offices. The low upfront cost is attractive because you get high-quality prints and scans of your photos. On the other hand, plain paper and text graphic printing are average.

The TS3322 is far from flexible due to its poor performance. The scanner is faster in black-and-white but generally slow and suitable only for infrequent use. Our problems with the two test units made us believe this all-in-one was too error-prone for convenience. Neither of the test units was able to print an image onto glossy letter-size paper. Even when the phone can recognize it, both test units won’t work with the iPhone 7. The stand-alone mode is a bit of a hassle as it relies on the tiny 1.5-inch segment LCD with no light to help you read it.

Regular and XL cartridges have significantly higher than average ink prices. However, if you buy the lowest capacity ink cartridge, your cost per page will be quite high. You might believe buying a bundle of cartridges and photo paper will save you money, but it doesn’t.

Because of these drawbacks, the TS3322 is hard to recommend. If the $39 price tag still appeals to you, it might be worth your budget. The TS3322 costs 2.1 cents more per page with ink than the $150 Canon Pixma TS9120 Editor’s Choice. It might be worth it if you’re not printing a lot: you’d have to print around 5,300 pages to make up for the $111 price difference.

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